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But Japanese really isn’t that hard…

I wonder what Japanese you are learning. Other than that, hats off to people who Japanese comes easy to.

(8) » Jan 14,2012
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    Well that first remark is certainly uncalled for. Simply because I find Japanese much easier than the other language I’m...
  2. neonraine said: I would very much like to learn this easy version of Japanese!
  3. raw-toast said: Seriously. At least when I took French, I could vaguely speak in the way an actual French person would. I’m pretty sure I will never sound like a native Japanese speaker.
  4. inkinthesink said: preach! The only not-hard thing about Japanese is conjugation because even the irregulars are regular in their way. other than that, everything is hard. even the stuff that seems easy at first is actually hard!
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